Sandy beauty slimming spa

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The sea is mostly shallow here, making it a hit with young families. The beach also continues north and south of Paralia, so a short walk or drive out of town will bring you to a quieter spot. Hotel Mediterranean Resort is renovated and has guest rooms with laminated or tiled floors.

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It has a combined lobby and pool bar that's connected to the pool area, making it easier to grab a quick drink whether you're about to head out to explore or are stopping at the hotel to catch some rays. If you're staying put, you can choose from two pools, one outdoor connected to the bar and one indoor.

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If you feel like working out during your sandy beauty slimming spa. Hotel Mediterranean Resort offers a gym.

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If you rather want to relax and pamper yourself, you can relax in the sauna. There's also a whirlpool where you can sit back and unwind.

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The hotel has a buffet restaurant, and there are also a handful of restaurants in the surrounding area. A short walk away in Paralia, you can find local shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and cafés.

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You can use the resort as a base to discover the local area, including exploring the surrounding countryside. Read more.

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