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For this we have been searching an information source, which to have already selected and grouped the necessary means, so to offer to the translators who are working with Romanian Orthodox-Christian texts, both a working instrument and an instrument of study. So, in this demarche, we have asked the help of the priest lecturer PhD Ioan Lazar, who guided us to adopt the following method: the studying of some Romanian Christian-Orthodox texts, already translated in English language, from which, through comparison, to extract and collect the necessary correspondences.

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It resulted some hundred pages consisting in study notes, which we had grouped them under the form of a dictionary, with the wish to be useful to us, in the future endeavors, and to others who are interested in transmitting the godlike spiritual beauties of the Romanian Orthodox Christianity within the English language medium. The manuscript of the translation was entrusted to Publishing Houses of the Orthodox Romanian Patriarchy in July It seemed to us that through the taking of some words from the ancient English language, like they were spelled in King James Bible, for instance, would add a plus of good flavor.

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In the case of experiencing some difficulties, by who is using the dictionary, we offer him help by placing, at the end of this book, the necessary correspondences. Very important seems to be for us the following assignation: for a big part nu pot pierde greutatea the words, and for the most part of the expressions, which are grouped in this dictionary, the translation may seem not to directly 2 The pierde grăsimea belly marcy gregory are in Romanian language.

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